“The small retail sector is a key driver of: entrepreneurship, employment, skills, local economies, innovation and sophisticated business networks, as well as accessibility to vital goods and services, diversity, social inclusion and community activities.” APPSSG, (2006, High Street Britain: 2015, pp.6) Suburban high streets and neighbourhood centres are generally occupied by small independent retail businesses, it is vital that tenant mix is maintained to compete against many external challenges from internet shopping, regional/town centres, out-of-town retail parks, and increasing dominance of supermarket chains.

Day and Bell is committed to active asset management of our clients’ retail portfolio. We continue to carry out our own primary research to deliver opportunities to enhance income and capital values. We endeavour to retain vibrant parades by retaining a variety of complementary shopping functions, anchor retailers and services to the local communities. We are increasingly improving the physical environment to comply with legislation and attract customers. We are therefore proud to share our research results on the importance of tenant mix from the investors’ view.

Omur commented:

"I was quite happy to find the majority of the investors considered tenant mix as a key factor when deciding on a new occupier. The others that didn’t were mainly single unit investors. The landlords or their managing agents should communicate more with each other to create or maintain good tenant mix; as achieving high rent on a single unit may only be a short term solution if there is no control. Town planning is the key!"

Author: Omur Payne BSc (Hons) MRICS